Sunday, October 12, 2014

Preparing (Children) for Childbirth

My favorite birth videos are linked here. 

In no way should these take the place of a childbirth class for adults and expectant mamas, but I found these resources helpful when preparing my children for the birth of their sibling.

Be aware that they show what reality in detail, and most mamas I know don't have babies fully clothed or even in a hospital gown. These are a lot like my own births or those of others' I've attended without a lot of interventions. I cannot imagine posting a video of myself having a baby on youtube but it is certainly helpful for the rest of us, to prepare either ourselves or others for the miraculous reality of natural childbirth! 

The music masks most of her vocalizations but the video is great of baby's head being born, etc. 

I like that the midwife is calmly in control, giving instructions as necessary (typical in my experience, hands-off until necessary), kids are roaming around and "helping", Dad catching baby, doula (her mom?) comforting mom. Baby starts out pretty purple but pinks up quickly. 

Real noise, typical of my experience. Doula & Dad encouraging, midwife giving instructions and working on baby to get her to cry/breathe, mom groaning and then oblivious in the "oh! baby" moments. Not a great shot (can't see much) of the baby coming out but not everyone can see it when mom is in this position usually. Midwife is the important one with the visual!

A ton of other videos with comments on contents. I think the comments are the best because youtube is full of gross crap, and this list picks the best, organizes and makes note of all the different things that could affect people (graphics, language, noise, stupidity, etc).

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